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Personal Information Protection Principles

Personal Information Protection Principles For the personal information protection principles of Racket Smith as they apply to this website, please check Pro Stringer Privacy & Policy.

Service Requirement

All racquets provided to Racket Smith must not have the below conditions. Racket Smith may refuse and return your racquet if any of the below related condition are found.​ 

  1. Fake or replica racquets.

  2. Racquets which had prior breaks, fractures or damage.

  3. Racquets which have not follow the manufacturer maintenance and stringing recommendation previously.

  4. Requests to string racquets outside the manufacturer stringing tension recommendation.

  5. Racquet with damaged grommets.

  6. Racquets older than 10 years.

  7. Damaged or Inadequate Strings. (If provided by customer)

Product & Service Warranty

All services and products provided by Racket Smith do not provide any type of warranty. However, if customer have "dissatisfaction" with services or products provided by Racket Smith please refer to 'Product & Service Return/Refund'.

Product & Service Refund/ Return

All services including but not limited to racquet restringing, racquet customizing, or consulting are not eligible for return or refund. However, customer must email Racket Smith for any dissatisfaction of services within 2 days of racquet receipt date. Racket Smith may consider to re-provide the service or apply a return or refund to the customer.

All products including but not limited to strings, over-grips, and inner-grips are not eligible for refund. However, products may be eligible for store credit return if items are determined to be in brand new condition by Racket Smith.